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  • Test, Calculate, Evaluate, Communicate - RESULT

    We want to do things in financing different and transparent. We want to search for the right kind of a specific project for your financial support. We thought about another way of spreading the risk and evaluate different financial resources through a system we call;

    ACIP (All Combined Investor Program) Because our work in consulting financial structures in the past years, we developed a system where we can search through our database to match the business plans with a financial resource. We aim at a lot of communication from us to you as investor and the customer. Than we put you in direct communication with the investor, to complete your finance.

    We want and prove to be a respectable and reliable partner to you and your company! We want to prove that there is e reliable way to do a real good financial consult through our company. We want to stick out in a positive way.

We do your project, transparent, communicative

"It is simple, it is easy, it is .......HB Consultancy"

  • Welcome to the ACIP possibilities

    When we want to change the world with possibilities in a positive flow of economic and sustainable investments of positive projects, changing the world to be helpful to human kind. We need dare, care, proving and spreading the risks. Knowing that our economics will grow and also the need of our world will be fulfilled, we will not only gain by profits in terms of money, but also in spreading the knowledge and building the future for generations to come.

    Let us introduce you to our innovative and secure investment model.

    ACIP is a group of trusted Brokers and investors with an huge portfolio of projects. It is common to invest in 1 or 2 kinds of investments, like stock exchange or trading. We like to spread the risk per investment over more than 2 different way’s.

    If we look at the law of energy, energy will not be lost, but divided into different kinds of energy.

    We would like to look at the economic impulse of money from our investors as an potential energy. We will not burn it in order to get heath, bud use it for several forms of energy in order to power the economics and worldly growth.

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